The Essayist


Desiree is a vocalist and violist, co-founder of the burgeoning Boston alt-rock band Daisy Flame and backup singer for bi-national rapper MC Oasis. She studied Writing and Psychology at Boston University and Harvard Extension School.

Mom to a teenage boy, “the wife” of ten years to a very nice hermit, sometime jewelry designer and painter, she is also known as GypsyGoth and Disarray (. . . hopefully self-explanatory).

Her favorite places on earth are Maui, the Cape, and Eugene (Oregon), because her favorite things are the beach and hippies. (Also books. Unrelated to location.)

She is Weird-fully-deserving-of-a-capital-W, preferring odd numbers to even (and fives are still too even) and the letter Z to all other letters (hence another nickname: Dez); refusing to wear any colors (besides black) other than purple, pink, and blue-green; and taking Halloween very seriously. She speaks in what her friends endearingly and charitably call “the dialect,” which consists of random accents, voices, sung phrases, and unintelligible mumbling. It is best for everyone if she writes instead.

Why “Drinking Wine in Yoga Pants”? Start at the beginning.


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